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About Composting

Composting is a natural process and the ultimate green machine. Each year, we naturally compost up to 100,000 tons of organic materials. This helps to save our planet from greenhouse gases generated in landfills.

Wallace Farm products are of the highest quality. We are proud that our compost holds the Seal of Testing Assurance from the U.S. Composting Council, assuring you of the highest quality products for you to use in your garden and landscaping.

Our compost ingredients consist of ground wood products, yard waste, cotton, animal manures, produce such as lettuces and vegetables, and food processing materials such as pasta, rice and flour. We do not compost any meat, fish, or bones.

Composting is a “controlled process” which converts recyclable materials into environmentally enhancing compost.

We start with a majority – 90% or more – of carbon-based materials such as sawdust, leaves, ground up wood, and even cardboard. Then we add smaller amounts of nitrogen in the form of some cotton, produce like lettuce and vegetables and manure. This is uniformly mixed together and placed in windrows. We carefully monitor the natural aerobic process to maintain the correct oxygen and moisture mix, turning the windrows weekly. High temperatures within the windrows at or above 131 F are maintained for two months.

We then stockpile our compost for a minimum of 8 to 12 months to insure that the compost products are mature and the very best for your garden and landscaping.

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