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Common Ground Committee

In 2011, Wallace Farm, Inc. established the Common Ground Committee. The committee consists of Wallace Farm owners, residents from neighboring communities, and a representative from a local environmental organization. The Purpose of the Committee is to share and to consider the concerns of any person, group, or neighborhood regarding the operation of Wallace Farm, Inc. The Committee meets quarterly.

Volunteers from the surrounding residential neighborhoods were selected to serve on the Committee.  As specified by NC DEQ, the selected neighborhood representatives were to be mutually agreeable to both Wallace Farm and to the neighborhood associations.  If mutually agreeable representatives were not agreed upon, Wallace Farm and the designated neighborhood association could each appoint a representative from the community.

The Committee consists of multiple members who serve for a term of one year each. The members are selected and appointed as follows:  one or two non-voting employees from the Division of Waste Management attend periodically; one representative from a recognized environmental group was selected by the committee; two representatives were selected from the Highland Creek Community; one representative was selected from the Eastfield Meadows Community; two representatives were selected from the Skybrook Community; one representative employed by Wallace Farm serves as Chairperson of the Committee; one representative employed by Wallace Farm serves as the Secretary of the committee.

The Committee makes every effort, as a group and individually, to work together for the common good of the surrounding community and Wallace Farm, Inc. in a civil and non-confrontational manner. In the event a majority of the Committee members believe a member is a hindrance to the process, the member will be removed.  Any member who misses three (3) meetings in a row without a valid explanation will be replaced by the Chairperson of the Committee.  Any vacancy by resignation or death is replaced in the same manner.  The role of the committee is advisory.

At this time, we are looking to add members to the committee from the following communities: Eastfield Meadows, Skybrook, and Winding Walk. Please contact Michelle Wallace or one of the other committee members if you are interested in representing your neighborhood on the Common Ground Committee.

The Common Ground Committee Members are listed below. Please do not hesitate to contact committee members with any questions and/or concerns.

Michael Anderson

Eastfield Road

Terry Edmiston

Highland Creek

Carter Leach

Highland Creek

Charles Lechner

Highland Creek

Rod McLeod


Marina Riggio


Joe Taborek


Larry Bohlayer

Winding Walk

Jeff Lemons

Mecklenburg Audubon 
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