Yard Waste Receiving

We accept Clean Virgin Wood and Yard Debris


Trees must not exceed 12 in. diameter & 8 ft. length.

Stumps must be less than 12 in. diameter & free of dirt.

NO treated, painted, or stained wood.

NO Plywood.

NO Particle board. 


We do NOT accept:  Bottles, Cans, Trash, Plastic, Metal, Wire, Concrete, Bricks, Rocks, Asphalt, Rubber, Glass, Twine, Strings, or any other foreign objects.
Violators will be fined a minimum of $100 per contaminated load.
BEFORE dumping, all incoming customers must report to the office to pay and get a receipt.   Customers will not be allowed to dump without a receipt.
Fee Schedule
Pickup trucks and SUVs  $10.00 
Trailers < 10'  $10.00
Trailers ≥ 10'  $20.00
Single-axle Utility and Dump Trucks  $20.00
Tandem Utility and Dump Trucks  $40.00 
Tractor Trailer  $50.00 
All other vehicles  $10.00 


$10.00 Minimum


If your company would like to set up an account, please speak with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Office Manager.