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Wallace Farm offers a variety of soil products. By using unique blends of compost, top soil, pine fines, peat moss, and perlite, we manufacture products for all applications.

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premium top-soil2Premium Blended Top Soil is one of the most versatile and popular products we have to offer. Wallace Farm Premium Top Soil is a blend of native top soil and compost. This blend is mixed to promote optimal plant growth. Wallace Farm Premium Top Soil is ideal for filling in low areas in your existing lawn and garden, preparing new lawns, gardens, and flower beds, and for planting trees and shrubs. Available in bulk and 40 lb. bags.


gardeners-delightGardener's Delight Planting Soil is a truly "delightful" product for all gardening enthusiasts. This blend of compost and pine fines is ideal for amending native soil prior to planting grass, trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. In addition, Gardener's Delight is a great product to use for filling raised beds. Available in bulk and 1 cu. ft. bags.


soil-conditionerSoil Conditioner is the solution for loosening hard clay soils. This product consists of 100% aged pine fines. For most soil amendment needs, we recommend using 50% soil conditioner mixed with 50% compost. For extremely hard and compacted soils, we recommend using a 75/25 mix of soil conditioner and compost. The Soil Conditioner is also a very attractive, finely ground material that can be used in mulching applications. Available in bulk and 2 cu. ft. bags.


potting-soil-1cu ft Our Potting Soil is blended to promote optimal plant growth. This blend of compost, aged pine fines, and perlite works great for filling pots and raised planting areas prior to planting. Available in bulk and 1 cu.ft. bags.


potting-mixOur Premium Potting Mix ranks among the best. This blend of compost, aged pine fines, peat moss, and perlite has a fine texture and is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor potting and for starting seeds. Available in 40 lb. bags. Available in bulk thru special ordering only.

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